July 17, 2022

6 Meaningful Reasons Why We Support Local Artisans

By: Jessica Brown

Throughout history, supporting local businesses and farmers wasn't an option—it was the norm. Most of the things we buy today come from different places worldwide. We never really think about where our items come from; we just buy them at the store. It's time that we changed that. Let's consider how we buy things and how we can support local artisans even when we shop online or for others.

Why Supporting Local Artisans Is a Win for Everyone

When you support local businesses, it's a win-win for everyone. Rather than spending your money to bankroll wealthy CEOs of large corporations who don't necessarily have loyalty to you or your community, you can support the local farmers and artisans. In turn, they will invest that money back into the local economy. 

Meaningful Benefits of Supporting Local Artisans

1. Handmade Products Are of Higher Quality

Handmade items are made to last. They're not mass-produced, which means each item is handmade by an individual and truly unique. The craftsmanship that goes into a handmade item shows care and attention, which ultimately results in a high-quality product that you can use or give to someone else and know that it was made with care.

2. Home-Based Businesses Pay Taxes Locally

If you buy something from a local cottage food business, you don't have to worry about the money you spend going to someone far away. Instead, you can support local families and their children who are going to school right here in your community.

3. Supporting Local Economies Builds a Stronger Community

When you buy handmade goods from local companies, you help support their effort to build a good business that will hopefully be around for a long time to come. This is good for you and the community since it means those artisans will be open to hiring more people in the future, creating more jobs, and growing the local economy.

4. Supporting Local Businesses Benefits You and Your Community

You become part of a friendly and compassionate community when you support local businesses. You're helping build a business that will be around for years, one that will employ people you know and care about and will stay in your community through good times and bad.

5. Reduce Environmental Impact

When you buy handmade items, you reduce your environmental impact. You're not contributing to the consumption of fossil fuels that are needed to transport products from overseas. Buying local helps the planet and the people who live on it.

6. It Creates Better Jobs for Local Families

Buying handmade goods from local companies helps create jobs for local families. This helps support our local economy and puts more money into the hands of people who live in your community.


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