September 5, 2022

Why Artisan Collectives Are the Future of the U.S. Economy

By: Jessica Brown

If you think of artisans as people who make things by hand, you may be surprised to learn of their impact on the global economy.

Their value and potential growth in the global economy are much greater than you may have realized.  The trend of favoring artisanal goods over mass-produced items is much more than just a passing phase – it represents a shift towards reviving artisan supply chains that have been largely ignored in recent years.

Why? Artisan shops promote shared values, and storytelling creates a stronger bond with its customers and more transparency than what most big-box retailers can provide.

But what are they? Artisan shops are typically run by skilled workers who make products by hand. These businesses can greatly impact employment and gender inequality, as well as local economies and culture. They create unique, high-quality products that are not mass-produced, work with locally-sourced materials (which is becoming increasingly important to consumers), and are often part of a community of other artisans, which can provide support and networking opportunities.

Here are reasons why artisan shops are the future of the U.S. economy:

It’s A Growing Market

Amid the 2008 global financial crisis, markets crashed by nearly a quarter. However, demand for artisan products continued to grow, doubling in value from just six years before. In 2017, the global handicrafts market reached a value of $526.5 billion and was predicted to nearly double in growth over the next three years.

It’s a Push for Sustainability

Some consumers are interested in a new model of fashion that is more sustainable and ethical. The artisan shop model would produce stylish essentials and accessories without harming the environment or workers.

When we purchase items from brands that care about their workers and the environment, we slowly change how we consume. By buying fewer and more unique things, we are forming stronger relationships with the objects in our lives. This has a positive impact on both us and the planet.

The key to a successful business isn't just offering good products and services and creating a connection with customers. Shared values and stories create transparency and help customers feel like they're part of something bigger.

It’s All about Cultural Preservation

When people think of artisan shops, they often imagine creative people who make things by hand that are unique and not mass-produced. However, there is more to artisans than just their creative abilities. Artisans often come from cultures that are at risk of being erased. The value of a community of crafts lies in the skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Keeping these skills and knowledge alive without a craft community becomes very difficult.

Supporting artisans means supporting the preservation of cultures that are at risk of disappearing. When artisans can sell their products, it helps to keep their culture alive. It also helps to spread awareness of the culture to people who might not otherwise be exposed to it. By supporting artisans, we can help to preserve the cultures that they come from.

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