September 8, 2021

Artisan: Heartwood Coffee Roasters

By: Jessica Brown

Heartwood Coffee Roasters has been offering amazing specialty coffee to the lovely people of North East Ohio since 2014 - we feel very blessed to be here in 2021 after starting two cafes and sustaining business through a global pandemic. Our love for the world's best coffee is not the only thing that has carried us here though. Yes, if we didn't seek out the top-rated green, hand-picked coffee; roast it to perfection; and make it accessible in our friendly and comfortable cafes we wouldn't be in business. Good things happen when you offer only the best with all the integrity possible. Yet, the team at Heartwood come from all sorts of walks of life - looking for better opportunities and the chance to make a difference. 

When you read the back of a bag of Heartwood, you'll see the words "Grow Together". What it means is this - everything we do at Heartwood, as we grow, should help our community grow. When you come to our cafes to support us, we want you to feel like you're at your second home. When a bag of coffee is ordered online, we want it to be like Christmas morning to receive it in your mailbox. When we sell with a wholesale partner, we want our coffee to help build their business. While we pride ourselves on our ever-growing coffee knowledge and expertise, we know that none of that matters unless we can show the community of North East Ohio we truly care. We're proud to have bags of our coffee in Ohio Artisan Collective!

Ohio Artisan Collective


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