July 17, 2022

Everything You Can Do With Brownwood Farms Flavored Ketchup

By: Jessica Brown

Of course, one of our most favored condiments is the classic ketchup. Ketchup exists so that we can provide scrumptious meals and create gourmet dishes that all our friends and family can enjoy. Ketchup goes excellent with fries, eggs, hash browns, burgers, deli meats, and other foods. 

With that being said, we are here to present the Brownwood Farms Ketchup. Brownwood Farms Ketchup, which now comes in three varieties, compliments burgers, fries, hot dogs, meatloaf, and sandwiches. It has become a mainstay across the country in many different homes and restaurants today. 

Read on to discover more about ketchup and all the ways you can use the Brownwood Farms Flavored Ketchup.

101 Recipes for Tomato Ketchup

Ketchup is made from tomatoes, vinegar, salt, pepper, and spices. Vitamins A and C are present in each teaspoon. Per tablespoon, KETCHUP contains no fat and less calories than mayonnaise (traditional mayonnaise contains 103 calories, 12 grams of fat). This makes it a healthier option for people to limit their calorie intake.

Lycopene levels in processed and cooked tomatoes are high. In 2004, Harvard School of Public Health researchers revealed that women with higher lycopene levels had a 50% lower risk of heart disease. This research helped ketchup manufacturers sell their "healthy" products. Then my friends, family, and clients spilled ketchup all over me.

The Ultimate Variations of the Brownwood Farms Flavored Ketchup

Brownwood Farms' classic ketchup contains now comes in these three mouth-watering variations:

The Bacon Ketchup

Bacon Ketchup has a smokey flavor thanks to applewood-smoked bacon and whiskey.

The Dill Pickle Ketchup

Dill pickle ketchup is a combination of sweet ketchup and tart pickles. Dill pickles can still be added to your burger, hot dog, or sandwich.

The Kickin’ Ketchup

Ghost chili powder adds flavor to Kickin' Ketchup without adding heat. 

The best part about these three variations is that you can keep them for yourself at home or decide to give them as gifts to your ketchup-obsessed friends!

5 Ways You Can Enjoy Ketchup

Perhaps you can use ketchup beyond burgers, fries, breaded meals, and other fried foods. After all, this is a condiment that could fit almost any meal or dish! After all, this is a condiment that could fit almost any meal or dish! 

Here are five more ways you can enjoy ketchup and make the best out of your food:

The Upgraded Baked Beans

Top off your baked beans dish with ketchup and bacon strips.

The Tasty Barbecue Sauce

Ketchup appears on the majority of barbecue sauce labels. With ketchup, you can make your own homemade BBQ sauce recipes.

The Ultimate Chip Dip

Try mixing your ketchup with sour cream or yogurt. This dip will enhance your chips!

The Easy Meatloaf Glaze

A glaze is commonly used in American beef loaf recipes. Try this: Mix one cup of ketchup, with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Now, this is your new meatloaf glaze.

The Quickest Thousand Island Dressing

For something quick, combine ketchup, mayonnaise, and pickle relish to make Thousand Island Dressing.


Ketchup could never disappoint. Perhaps it’s as simple as that! Whether you are looking to restock your condiments at home or are thinking of the best present to give a friend on their birthday, keep in mind that the Brownwood Farms Flavored Ketchup trio could be a great choice!

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