July 12, 2021

Our New Blog

By: Jessica Brown

Welcome to our new blog! We are so excited to begin sharing with you all sorts of things that make Ohio Artisan Collective the unique business that it is! The first year was amazing and we have so many things up our sleeves to make all the coming years even more so! As we are sure you can figure out at this point, the first is this brand new website!

Let’s back it up a bit just in case you aren’t familiar with who we are and what we do. As of today, OAC is home to more than 70 Ohio small businesses. We have everything from woodworking to food products, glassware to jewelry, health and beauty products to candles, and so much more! We are constantly growing and evolving our product lines.

We started this journey early last year just as the Pandemic was really hitting hard. About a week before the Ohio shutdown, we learned that the store that is similar to ours at Aurora Farms was closing their doors. We sold our products in that store (we are Makers too). To put it simply, we did not want to lose the audience that shops at Aurora Farms so with the blessing of the other store, Ohio Artisan Collective was born. When Ohio started opening up again, we signed our lease and the journey began! In June 2020, we opened our doors with about 20 Artists, Makers, and Foodies.

In the last year, we have far exceeded even our wildest dreams for this adventure! We are excited for what the future holds for the Ohio community, the small businesses who depend on the store to stay alive and everyone who enjoys these homemade products. Welcome to our first step – our new website!

Ohio Artisan Collective


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