April 18, 2022

Reasons Why You Should Always Buy From Local Stores

By: Jessica Brown

The absolute best part of shopping local is the fact that you are supporting your local businesses. Ohio Artisan Collective has more than 80 Ohio-based small businesses that you can support!

When you shop at OAC, the money that you spend is going back into the community and the local economy. In addition, you are obtaining service from a business that you can actually meet with in person and have a conversation with.

Here are some reasons why you should shop small and local at Ohio Artisan Collective.

1) Your Local Market Has Fresher Food

If you are going to spend money on food, why not take advantage of the fact that the food you will be buying from the local market is fresh. This is a great way to be able to support local farmers and food producers in the area.

2) It Improves the Local Economy

When you purchase items from Ohio Artisan Collective you are helping to keep money in the local business. This is a great thing because the local businesses that you are supporting need the support of the community in order to stay open.

Most of the time local businesses are the ones that will be able to provide better service and more affordable pricing than the larger establishments that are located outside of the community.

3) You Are Supporting Your Local Community

Another great reason to shop local is that you are supporting your community. By purchasing items from the local businesses, you are helping to keep the community in the area up and running.

When you purchase items at the local market, you are keeping the local businesses that are in the area open. These businesses are ones that will be able to provide great products and services while paying employees that live in the community.

4) Shopping Local Is a Fun Experience

Our 80+ Artists provide something for everyone. Funny gifts, thoughtful gifts, and so much more!


Support local artists and enjoy a warm cup of coffee at the Ohio Artisan Collective. You can enjoy Ohio artisan products and a great atmosphere at our gift shop and coffee bar. Visit our store or shop online at our page today!

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