August 21, 2022

Why Buying Ohio-Made Products Is a More Fulfilling Experience

By: Jessica Brown

One great thing about living in the digital age is that we can find and learn about new brands, products, and services from the comfort of our homes or while we're out and about. This is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and sustainable brands that can promote themselves without relying on traditional marketing and advertising methods. 

Most of these brands are artisanal and handmade, making them part of a sustainable and circular economy—where handmade becomes the only sustainable alternative to the climate crisis we face. Here are good reasons why buying Ohio-made products is a more fulfilling—and planet-saving—experience:

Ohio-Made Products Are Well-Thought-Out

The craftworkers who make artisanal and handmade products have put a lot of thought into them. They have considered the functions, design, materials, and production process. They immediately consider their customers and the product's functionality beyond the fact that it's pretty or looks good. 

Ohio-made products are usually made in small batches or limited editions because of the time, effort, and creativity that goes into each product. Still, a great advantage is that if a garment or product is sold out, the artisans can make it again and just use other prints or colors.

They’re of Better Quality

What do you get from a well-thought-out product with sustainable or quality materials? A handmade product that is well-made and will remain functional longer. Artisans, makers, and designers pay attention to every stitch, cut, tailoring, and material. 

This Promotes Sustainability

The artisans take care in choosing materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. At times, this process yields a higher quality product than if they had used materials that weren't sustainable. So even if they’re thrown out, they don’t harm the environment and return to the earth.

You’re Supporting Traditional Production Techniques and Skills

Traditional production techniques are very important when discussing artisanal products. In many cases, these techniques are learned by observation and passed down from generation to generation, making them long-lasting. 

Today, one of the industry's main concerns is that mass-production models are endangering these techniques. So by buying artisanal and handmade products, we are helping to preserve these techniques and prevent them from being lost, which many contemporary artisans also do by offering workshops about their production techniques.

Find Ohio-Made Products at Ohio Artisan Collective

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